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Desde el primer día, adoptamos una política de cuidado ambiental para todos nuestros productos, comprometiéndonosla a comercializar soluciones que provengan de proveedores ambientalmente responsables, ya sean procesadores de madera o concesionarios forestales.

Para lograr esto, McCorry obtuvo una certificación de Cadena de Custodia (CoC) FSC ® . Además de que McCorry participa activamente con Global Forestry Services (GFS) en su programa Wood Tracking.

Política ambiental

Nos comprometemos a reducir los impactos ambientales causados por sus operaciones como proveedor y productor de productos predominantemente a base de madera para diversas industrias.



C-TPAT es unprograma voluntario de seguridad de la cadena de suministro liderado por U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP)Miembro desde 2008 | SVI No: e4c4a24c-2f90-4ee1-83c1-adb432a2b916


McCorry es parte de la cadena de custodia FSC® para suministrar productos FSC® 100% y FSC® Mix.

Global Wood Tracking Programme

67/5000GFS Wood Tracking Program es un programa de certificación adicional.

Greenhouse Gases Verification

Las operaciones de la oficina de McCorry en Malasia y México ahora están certificadas como carbono neutral.


The Global Compact

La iniciativa de sostenibilidad corporativa más grande del mundo.Miembro desde 2015

Sabah Timber Industries Association

Miembro desde 2020

Asociación de Importadores y Exportadores Forestales

Programa Global de Rastreo de Madera GFS 011 WTP

Certificación desde 2007

International Wood Products Association member

International Wood Products Association.

Miembro desde 2014


The McCorry Group is committed to reducing the environmental impacts caused by its operations as a supplier and a producer of predominantly timber-based products for various industries.

We recognize our responsibility to the staff, the local community and to the wider community including customers and suppliers, to operate in a socially, environmentally conscious and responsible manner by

Working with others to ensure the development and operation of a sustainable forest industry.

For Controlled Wood, we strictly exclude:

Ilegal harvested wood;

  1. Natural forest that has been converted to plantations or non-forest use;
  2. Threatened High Conservation Value Forests;
  3. Traditional or civil rights violation;
  4. Genetic modified trees

Committing to responsible purchasing of products. McCorry Group participate and continue to receive certification from;

  1. Global Forestry Trade Network (WWF GFTN);
  2. Global Forestry Services Inc (GFS);
  3. Forest Stewardship Council A.C (FSC®)
  1. Meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements and government policy;
  2. Supporting certification principles and criteria and the certification of its supply sources. The Group through its subsidiary, McCorry & Co. Ltd. is a FSC® accredited.
  3. Promoting research and development (R&D) to improve yields and produce higher quality products by applying new technology. R&D initiatives are focused on reducing stress on forests and the environment;
  4. Dealing with suppliers who are environmentally conscious and responsible. Any suppliers that cannot document their products will be phase out from our Good Suppliers List;
  5. Actively supporting suppliers in setting reforestation policy and getting credible certification;
  6. Conducting regular performance audits to ensure that environmental commitments have been met or exceeded
  7. McCorry Group supports the concepts of Carbon Neutral Wood and is actively pursuing certification